Duplex Baord

What We Do?

Corrugated Packaging is a main part of the process of manufacturing and distributing any product. Corrugated Packaging protects the product during Storage, Transportation and Handling. Thus the package - by virtue of its protective function - it plays a vital link in the distribution chain. Duplex board is a white board, it also provides different textures for printing. Due to our focus on quality of products, customization, process and service levels, we are working with various well known companies belonging to industries like Engineering, Automotive, Garments and others.

This segment of the industry has the broadest types and largest numbers of variations in production strategies of any of the market segments. Recycle Fibre, Mechanical Fibre, Bleached Woodfree, and Unbleached Woodfree are all utilised and the finished product may turn as both Coated or Un-Coated. And for the above it is meant to be a four steps process as stated below step wise.

  • Top Liner (Dip Pulp)
  • Under Liner (Dip Pulp)
  • Filler Layers (Mixed Waste Papers)
  • Back Liner (Mixed Waste Dispersed Pulp) 
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