Disposable Paper Products

What We Do?

Janta Paper Products has successfully ventures into the realms of Disposable Paper Products. We are Manufacturers and Suppliers of Silver Coated Paper , Disposable Paper , Paper Bowl Material, Paper Dishes Material, Imported lot for Paper Plates, andmany more. The Disposable Paper Dishes are manufactured using high grade Duplex Paper, Silver Coated Paper and Gold Coated Paper ensuring no alternative in terms of Quality and Performance. Our product further caters the demand of Hotels, Home Appliances, Caterers and Party Organizers and also for various home applications. The Gold & Silver Paper Dishes are light in weight, no foul smell, hygienic and non-reactive with the fluids

We bring for our clients a wide range of disposable paper products material that is used for keeping or storing liquids or food items. These products are manufactured from high quality Lamination Board and are also hygienically manufactured. The different products are available in various sizes and colors.

These various types of products are made by our material:

  • Noodle boxes
  • Paper thali big size
  • Nacho trays for cinemas
  • Other printing items
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