Color File Board

What We Do?

Have you already heard about the paperless office?

Can you hold on?

Or do you find it difficult to implement?

Well yes, if you find it difficult than we also understand that there is a requirement of keeping all the documents in the way so that they may come into further use when required in the office. Thus, the collected papers are organized in the office either in Files, Folders or Bags.

What about the Environment?

Does plastic folders are an alternative to paper produced with 100% reclaimed fibers? Our office board folders can be collected as recycling paper and make their way into the recycling cycle and can be used as a raw material for paper production again.

  • High variety of colors (white till black)
  • Bright and Clean color
  • High color fidelity and very close color Tolerance
  • Ageing-Resistant – longest lifetime
  • Chlorine- and Acid free
  • Harmless to Health and Environment
  • Characteristics of recycling not apparent at the brilliant Quality
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